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Pandit Mami

Associate Director of Global Connections and
DavisConnects Advisor for Consulting & Business
Employer Partnerships & Career Advising

Pandit Mami is a Colby and Davis United World College Scholar program alum. He earned his M.A from Marquette University, where he served as a Trinity and an AmeriCorp Members Development Fellow. Pandit’s career has focused on promoting upward mobility and community building through multi-sector partnerships. He has held positions with the Ngoyeaa Back to School Foundation, the Africa Center for Strategic Progress, Human I-T, and the Sierra Leone Forum for New Democracy.

As a Sierra Leonean native and someone who has lived in many cultures, Pandit is passionate about multiculturalism and cross-cultural learning. He is committed to leveraging his multicultural experiences and professional expertise to ensure that Colby students have access to the very best opportunities regardless of their goals.