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Resources for Finding a Job or Internship

DavisConnects has a robust set of resources and programs to help students land a job or post-graduate internship:

  • Employer Partnerships
    We work with more than 1,400 employers to cultivate employment opportunities for our students. Students can find Colby-advantaged internships and jobs posted on Handshake by filtering jobs by the field “Labeled by Your School,” then selecting these labels: Alumni, Colby alum, Friend of Colby, and Alumni/Parent/Trustee. For these opportunities, alumni are either hiring managers and key decision makers or they have agreed to recommend our students to HR recruiters at their firm.

  • Recruiting Events
    DavisConnects hosts five multi-employer Industry EXPOs in the fall and invites more than 60 employers to the Career Discovery Day & Fair in February. Through our partnership with Bates and Bowdoin Colleges, our students enjoy access to an additional 50 recruiting sessions for leading firms like Ogilvy, Ropes & Gray, Cisco, Vanguard, and many more throughout the year. Each spring, we host a Senior EXPO just for seniors to introduce them to eight to 10 employers that are actively seeking new graduates. Students who attend these events have a decided advantage when applying for roles at these firms.

  • Career Education and Networking Events
    DavisConnects hosts alumni networking events, industry forums, conferences, panels, career treks, EXPOs, and other immersive events to help students learn more about industries and roles they’d like to consider, and connect with Colby alumni industry experts.

  • Leveraging LinkedIn
    Colby students can engage with more than 20,000 alumni on LinkedIn, with more than 8,000 active in the Colby Professional Networking Group. DavisConnects advisors and our 20 DavisConnects fellows and associates can show students how to use LinkedIn’s Alumni tool to find and connect with alumni by geography, employer, role, major, skills, and other search criteria.

Job Search Timeline

How long should this process take?

Ideally, students work with the DavisConnects team throughout their time at Colby. Self-assessment, networking, and internships during a student’s first three years will very often speed the process of landing a post-graduate opportunity. In any case, conducting a productive job search takes a significant investment of time and deserves to be treated like a four-credit course. Even when students are focused on a specific field or type of opportunity, effective networking can take weeks or months. Students should expect to invest several weeks refining their application materials, weeks or months to implement a search strategy, and between one to two months to move through the interview and negotiation process.

How early should I start the job search process?

The hiring cycle varies by industry. Consulting, finance, and technology firms, and a handful of healthcare organizations tend to recruit early–frequently in the summer of students’ junior year or the fall semester of senior year and often through “return offers” following an internship. However, most employers hire during the spring semester. (As do many smaller “boutique” consulting, finance, and technology firms!)

If you are interested in industries that recruit in the spring, it makes sense to use your fall semester to network with alumni and others in these industries to deepen your knowledge and identify which firms and roles would best suit you. Equally, alumni and other influencers can get to know you better so they can refer you to hiring managers and recruiters with confidence.

What do employers look for?

Employers keep coming back to Colby College to find candidates who are:

  • Creative problem solvers
  • Strong communicators
  • Analytical
  • Collaborative
  • Intellectually curious
  • Able to learn new things quickly
  • Enjoyable to be around

Your major doesn’t determine your career path.

Employers expect to have to train most entry-level candidates themselves and generally do not screen candidates by their majors or minors as long as students can show that they possess:

  • Demonstrable interest in the industry (through clubs, internship experiences, shadowing)
  • Some of the requisite skills or the ability and willingness to learn them quickly

For example, a quick scan of our alumni leaders in technology reveals that a sizable proportion were humanities and social sciences majors, not computer science majors. We have CIOs, CTOs, product managers, and even senior software engineers at firms including Meta, Google, and Asana who studied English, music, and German. Likewise, we have many alumni in business roles (banking, consulting, etc.) who majored in the arts and humanities.

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