Finding your Network for Opportunities

Basics: Information and Network: 

Here are a few ideas on what to look into when trying to find opportunities

  • Mission statement of the company
    • Look on linkedin
    • Look on  
  • What does the organization do?
    • Look on the organizations’s career page 
  • Org values
    • What can you find on the company’s website?
  • What’s it like working in the organization?
    • What have you found from alumni 
    • What have you learned from people who work 
  • What is the organization focused on dealing with right now?
    • Have you found anything about the organization on the news? 
    • Does the organization have a blog or articles featuring it or its people? 
  • Roles – what are internship and entry level roles
    • Look on Linkedin
    • Look on the company’s career page
  • Other relevant information you found about the organization

Now, identify what your value add to this organization is

  • What inspires you about this organization?
  • What interests you about the roles or work they do? 
  • Where do your values align to the way people interact or the mission the organization? 

Use these for the next stages 

Now, Find Opportunities to Apply to

  • Careers page – find the place where the organization announces opportunities to apply to
  • HR department – can you call someone on HR to help you if you can’t find their careers page?
  • Alumni – how much have you heard from alumni about opportunities in this organization? 
  • LinkedIn or other job sites – if the organization doesn’t have a page

By David Ding
David Ding Advisor for STEM Professions