Navigating Offers

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you navigate the opportunity presented to you: 

Do your homework on the comparable salary of the role you are taking: 

Have you gotten a grasp about the benefits of the role? 

  • If not, ask for a chance to talk to the hiring manager or HR about benefits
  • Benefits include:
    • Time off (floating holidays, sick days, vacation)
    • Flexible work hours or remote work
    • Healthcare benefits
    • Education benefits
    • Disability benefits
    • Retirement benefits

Once you have the information above, decide the following

  • If the offer seems fair, you can decide to accept
  • If there are parts of the offer you are not satisfied with or do not cover your needs, you can ask to negotiate or clarification of what benefits can cover your needs
  • If you are negotiating, figure out and communicate the following:
    • Your needs 
    • Where the gap between need and benefits are 
    • (optional) What you hope the benefits can cover – this is a counteroffer
      • If you are not making a counter offer, you can ask if they can help with the gap

MOST IMPORTANTLY, have you enough time to figure out the above to decide? 

Generally, you can figure out most of the info here in 72 hours, but you can always request more time if negotiations are taking a while. 

Again, getting support from an advisor if you need help is recommended! Offers can be tricky! 

By David Ding
David Ding Advisor for STEM Professions