Gen Z: The job market is hot and you can do just about anything! Here’s how to get what you want from your work life.

Generation Z is more educated and socially committed than past generations, hiring for new professionals is stronger than at any time before the Great Recession, and young workers may be able to change jobs with greater ease than ever. But deciding what you want–especially when you have the range of options that Colby students enjoy–can be a challenge. According to the Washington Post, organizational values, work culture, the chance to make an impact, financial stability, opportunities for professional growth, and personal well-being sit atop many students’ list of priorities.*

What about you?

To create great fit, you need to know yourself and the organizations where you decide to apply. DavisConnects advisors and programs can help with both. To clarify your priorities, schedule a conversation or take one of our assessment tools. To learn more about prospective organizations, network (and then network some more!) with Colby students and alumni, and make an appointment or find a design workshop on Handshake today.

*Remember that Colby students have access to the New York Times and Washington Post through the library. Keeping up to date is a great for your professional development!

By Damon Yarnell
Damon Yarnell Dean of Student and Global Advancement