Tools for Content Exploration

List of sites helpful for your exploration – (remember to work with an advisor if you have questions or need guidance!)

Hey! Are you looking for tools to help you explore different aspects and area of your career fields of interest?

Here’s a framework to help you with this process, and I would summarize it as going from ideas to keywords to Organizations and People.

  1. Ideas to keywords

You started with ideas of what you want to do for a career or learn more about in the world of work. Start with your ideas and see where it comes up in ONET: is a great tool to use for an encyclopedia for career content. Scrolling around and Starting here can help you get a sense of career fields, adjacent areas, and what each occupation does (ie.

Your goal here is to find keywords that are of interest in how others describe your vocation of interest. For example, I found a bunch of terms from the list of “Sample of reported job titles” and “knowledge” sections from the link above to see how they apply to my major and academic studies.

  1. Keyword search

Once ONET has given you a few keywords to work with, you can then use then for ChatGPT to find our more information or to identify a few organizations that do work related to this area. You are primarily looking for pathways you have not considered and finding places and orgs that do this type of work to get more acquainted with where it is located in the world.

Common query terms include:

  • I am a college student who is looking for experiences in ____. What are some ways I can get experiences in ___?
  • I want to see how I can become a ____. What are a few pathways that people take in college to understand what a ____ does?
  • Show me a list of organizations in ____ that do ____ as part of their function
  • Find a few organization that do _____ in the ____ area

This help you collect more keywords and organizations to prepare for finding people

3. Keywords to orgs and people

Once you have located a few organizations and more keywords, switch over to Handshake and Linkedin to look into organizations and people. Linkedin profiles and organization pages will help you learn more about different types of pathways people have taken in to the field, and Handshake can help you identify potential employers to work for during the summer or after graduation.

This new info also helps you search for more organization and other people as well as help you refine search terms. So, now you can then develop an understanding and build your direction as you dive into more info!

By David Ding
David Ding Advisor for STEM Professions