Colby News features Jon Olinto ’98 and Tony Rosenfeld ’97, founders of organic food company One Mighty Mill

It may sound simple: organic wheat from Maine, flour stone-milled in Lynn, MA, and commitments to healthy communities. But Olinto and Rosenfeld’s broader goals are anything but. They want nothing less than food justice and the systems to sustain it. Laura Meader’s Colby News feature emphasizes the company’s north star: “We want to make sure that the community we’re in is a place we can make a little bit of a difference.”

Olinto and Rosenfeld walk the talk. They hire locally, distribute 100,000 bagels to local schoolchildren every year, give neighborhood residents a 15% discount at the company cafe to help mitigate the effects of a local food desert. Expansion plans include Whole Foods and independent grocers across New England. Good news for Colby: the pair remain committed to the Mule community, too, and have hired a long list of students and alumni for internships and full-time roles with their growing company.

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By Damon Yarnell
Damon Yarnell Dean of Student and Global Advancement