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Some students choose a Colby liberal arts education because it gives them the chance to sample and explore as widely as they can.

One great way to build momentum is to meet with a DavisConnects advisor. Stop by Grossman or make an appointment online. Another is to start attending events that look interesting to you. 

If you’d rather get started on your own, you won’t hurt our feelings, although we would like to meet you! You can visit the Explore Your Interests and the Self Assessment section of our website.


Check out Vault Guides to learn more about                               Career self assessments.
the various careers across a wide range of


Expanding your network can be done several ways                Resources to help you gain clarity about
including joining the, Colby Professional Networking            driving strength, interests, and values.
Group, attending both on and off campus
DavisConnects events, and more. Check our
resources at Expand Your Network.

Uncertain About Your Career Path? This HR Leader Shares How She Found Her Perfect Match

From a young age, Charissa Wagner knew she had a knack for writing and working with people, but her career path wasn’t an obvious one. Although she went to college to pursue a degree in communications with a minor in …

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How to Search for Job Satisfaction Instead of a Job

While it’s easy to hyper-focus on a position that fits your major, the qualifications needed, and the paycheck, there are still several other factors to consider when searching for a job. Overall job satisfaction is a critical factor to consider.

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Want to crush decision-making in college? Try thinking like a grade schooler

One of the challenges of exploring your interests as a college student is that the stakes can seem higher than ever before. What if I pick the wrong major? What if I hate my internship? Couldn’t bad choices mess up …

By Damon Yarnell
Damon Yarnell Dean of Student and Global Advancement
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The Power of Two: Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of all Wisdom

Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of all Wisdom

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. In prior blogs, we’ve talked about the importance of grounding your career planning on reflecting what has already driven you and engaging in self-exploration to …

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What Is an Informational Interview?

When it comes to choosing a career, there are plenty of ways to learn more about it before you take the next step. You can take classes, read about it, or even try a virtual work experience. One other excellent …

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