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What’s the difference between a job board and a job search engine?

Job boards and job search engines have more similarities than differences. They’re both used by candidates to search for and apply to job openings. The biggest difference between them aren’t how they’re used by candidates, but how the sites receive …

By College Recruiter
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401(a) vs 401(k): What’s the Difference? Is One Better Than the Other?

Are you ready to start investing in your retirement? While you might know that you should save for when you’re too old to work, understanding the savings options of 401(a) vs. a 401(k) can feel like a job in and …

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What Is Discretionary Income? How to Calculate it, Increase it, and Feel Better About Money

So you’re stressed about money—surprise, you’re a human being! We can’t assume exactly what’s worrying you. (Student loans? Saving up for your dream car? Splitting the bill on yet another friend’s bachelor/ette trip?) But we can suggest one way to …

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7 Market Trends and the Opportunities They Create For You

The job market is continually changing, and it’s important to keep track of it if you are looking for new opportunities. Companies are adopting new tech and changing how they find and hire employees. The skills requirements for jobs also …

By Ivy Exec
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How to Search for Job Satisfaction Instead of a Job

While it’s easy to hyper-focus on a position that fits your major, the qualifications needed, and the paycheck, there are still several other factors to consider when searching for a job. Overall job satisfaction is a critical factor to consider.

By CareerShift
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