INDIA – EN237: Environmental Writing in the Himalayas: Practicing the Arts of Unmastery

GLOBAL LAB: Taking place in Kalimpong, India, this course works at the intersection of civic engagement, creative writing, and environmental humanities to explore the entanglements between literature, ecology, and multispecies communities. Experiencing these entanglements in an unfamiliar setting, we develop creative and critical methodologies for producing knowledge and art without the need to master or manage our connection to the world. Along the way, we ask questions such as: How is place reflected and refracted in its literature? What is the relationship between research, creativity, and activism, and how might these endeavors respond to environmental crises? What can we learn about global environmental challenges by working with local activists? Prerequisite: Any W1 course.

Instructor(s): Sarah Braunstein (, Chris Walker (

Info Sessions: TBD