ISRAEL – JS228: Arab Jews in Israel: Navigating Oppositional Identities

Explores how Arab Jews (Mizrachim) are both “insiders” and “outsiders” in Israeli society, marginalized for their Arabness and privileged for their Jewishness. Students will study how Mizrachim navigate their Jewish and Arab identities, respond to structural erasure and oppression by Israels Ashkenazi (European) power holders, and work to redefine the Israeli narrative today. This course combines in-class work, meetings with Mizrachi politicians and community leaders, and field site visits. Students will engage in conversations about power, identity, inclusion, and representation more broadly. This Global Engagement course takes place in Israel.

Instructor: Lauren Cohen Fisher (

Info Session: Monday, 9/18 @ 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Lovejoy 303