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Explore Careers

Encouraging Career Discovery and Exploration

Many students do not arrive at college with a well-defined career path. Others do!

Regardless, at DavisConnects, we encourage students to remain in “discovery and exploration mode” throughout their four years, not least because of the unrivaled breadth of experiences available at Colby. The process of testing and refining one’s interests is one of the great advantages of a Colby education. You may make minor adjustments, or you may execute bold pivots. Either way, you’ll choose better with practice.

Career Exploration
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Discovery Advising​

To facilitate the process of exploration, all DavisConnects advisors are ready to talk with students about their interests and values, invite them to the interactive events and workshops we host, and point them to the internship, global, and research experiences we help fund. Whether you’re a first-year or an upper-level student, you’re always free to arrange an advising appointment dedicated to self-assessment and discovery.

Industry Advising

Students who have an idea about professions in which they are interested can meet with one of DavisConnects’ industry advisors. These specialists will help them connect with alumni, gain relevant skills and experience, and pursue internships and other opportunities.

DavisConnects advisors are not territorial: We know that your interests may be far-flung and acknowledge that industries and roles often defy simple classification (e.g. business roles within healthcare and technology, policy roles within environment and education).

Experiential Learning​

Often, the best way to discover what you enjoy and how you function best is to try new things in small or medium-sized doses:

  • Take a Jan Plan course 
  • Join a club to take on a project for a local organization or write articles for a newsletter 
  • Apply for a micro-internship (5-40 hours)
  • Participate in an employer-sponsored challenge or open-source innovation competition
  • Volunteer with local organizations through the Office of Civic Engagement

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