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Social Impact

Passionate about imparting positive change in the world, social-impact-focused individuals address challenges around access to basic human rights, health and human services for underrepresented populations, equity and inclusion in social, academic, and professional environments, environmental sustainability efforts, and nonprofit philanthropy.

Many Colby students demonstrate a commitment to social impact before they arrive on campus through volunteering, tutoring, or civic engagement. Colby offers a variety of opportunities for students to continue to develop this passion on campus, in the Waterville community, and globally. Students are able to explore and gain experience in their issue area(s) of interest, allowing them to pursue a professional pathway they are passionate about.

Colby graduates have gone on to work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Peace Corps, and Campbell & Company as communications officers, volunteers, and nonprofit consultants.

Social Work

Sample Career Paths

Grant Writer

Grant Writer:

A vital role for any nonprofit organization, grant writing involves researching and drafting proposals to receive funding from a private, corporate, or government funding opportunity. 

International Development Program Officer

International Development Program Officer:

Program officers support the implementation of solutions in a global community in need. Solutions can be health related (HIV/AIDS), focus on economic development, or provide other types of humanitarian assistance stemming from a nonprofit, NGO, or private sector donor. 

Social Worker

Social Worker:

Social workers are committed to helping improve the quality of life of an individual, family, or group through support such as counseling, advocacy, and reporting. There are many different areas of social work specialties such as child and family, healthcare, school, or substance use disorder. There is also an option to be a clinical social worker who can diagnose mental illnesses in their clients. 


  • Take advantage of the on-campus opportunities to get engaged in social-impact-related work. 
  • Pursue a global opportunity with an impact-focused component or mindset. 
  • Know that pursuing your passion to do good does not have to come at the expense of financial instability. 

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