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Our student grant program helps ensure that every Colby student with need has access to multiple experiences outside of the typical academic curriculum. These include internships and research in the United States as well as short-term global experiences such as faculty-led global courses in Jan Plan, a summer internship abroad, or a fall independent study with international communities in Lewiston, Maine, for example.

Our support extends to Colby faculty who wish to create new, immersive global experiences that may require planning and financial assistance. In partnership with the Office of the Provost and Dean of Faculty, we offer faculty the opportunity to explore and submit proposals for Global Innovation Courses and Global Labs. Students may visit this page to see which courses (during Fall, Jan Plan, or Spring) will be offered this year:

We will help students find the right opportunity and advise them on how to maximize their chances of a successfully funded application. We provide access to an online funding portal where students can use a common application to apply for grants from DavisConnects (on average from $2,000 – $3,000) and other departments, and where Bunche and Presidential Scholars can access their Opportunity Grants.

There are opportunities to be funded several times during four years, but applicants must demonstrate depth of thought and offer a unique value proposition for each subsequent application. Students should plan to attend an info session or make an appointment to prepare in advance. For internships, students do not need to have fully secured an experience to apply. Funding for off-campus faculty-led courses will only be offered if students have been accepted or waitlisted into the class. All research and other independent study projects must have full vetting by a faculty supervisor before offers will be made.


Applying for funding through DavisConnects is easy. In advance of each funding cycle, click this link to learn more about the application process and how to receive help.


Download the latest Call for Proposals to develop a new and/or revised innovative course in an effort to support the development of creative and immersive global experiences for students.

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