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Faculty Funding

Since 2018, DavisConnects and the Office of Provost and Dean of Faculty have been inviting faculty from any Colby department or program to submit proposals for developing new and/or revising innovative courses in an effort to support the development of creative and immersive global experiences led by Colby faculty, ensuring high-quality, personalized, engaging, and rigorous experiences abroad for our students. 

Faculty may apply for funding to develop two types of global engagement courses: Global Innovation Courses and Global Labs.

Global Innovation Courses

These courses should have the stated purpose of significantly expanding our students’ awareness of and engagement with international and global topics, connecting the on-campus curriculum with experiences abroad.

Global Labs

These labs should have the stated purpose of expanding significantly our students’ awareness of and engagement with international and global topics through abroad experiences or global experiences within the U.S. They highlight connections between local and global issues, contexts and concerns, and promote established and new global research partnerships.

Exploratory Funding

All faculty who are interested in developing global engagement courses are encouraged to begin the exploratory process now through consultation with the Global Engagement Faculty Advisory Committee and funded opportunities for on-site exploration and planning. With endorsement from your department chair or program director, faculty are eligible to apply for funding for an exploratory trip by submitting a brief proposal to the Committee. On-site exploration must be followed by Global Innovation Course or Global Lab proposal development and submission by the following academic year.


Support for global proposals is awarded by the Global Engagement Faculty Advisory Committee. Levels of funding support will vary and depend on strength of the proposal, financial need, and availability of funds.

For Spring ’24 Courses & 23/24 Exploratory Trips:

  • Proposals for courses: April 21
  • Review by advisory committee: Week of April 24
  • Decisions emailed: May 1
  • Course proposal/revision to AAC: September 22

There will be an additional Call for Proposals in September ’23 for Spring ’24 courses and for 2024-2025 courses


Kim Besio ([email protected]):
Chair, Global Engagement Faculty Advisory Committee

Scott Lamer ([email protected]):
Associate Director of Global Experience


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