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Davis Institute for AI​

The Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence is the first cross-disciplinary institute for artificial intelligence (AI) at a liberal arts college. The Institute will facilitate significant faculty and student research using rich datasets with real-world consequences and prepare students for a future where AI transforms industries, careers, modes of discovery, creativity, and scholarship. With existing partnerships and new relationships with leading organizations and institutions, the Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence will position Colby as a national center for training faculty and students in the use of AI and the creation of new systems and capabilities.

Linde Packman Lab ​

The Linde Packman Lab for Biosciences Innovation prepares Colby students to become the next generation of science leaders and innovators. By connecting students with opportunities, programs, and funding, the Linde Packman Lab ensures transformative science experiences—on campus and around the world. The Lab develops partnerships with research scientists, institutions, and companies and with other biotech and bioscience organizations across the country to facilitate student experiences.

Buck Lab

The Buck Lab supports broad initiatives focused on climate change and other environmental issues, including student and faculty research, experiential learning opportunities, internships with collaborative partners, and community engagement. The Lab also acts as an incubator for interdisciplinary work to further understand and solve the world’s daunting environmental and climate-related challenges The Buck Lab builds partnerships with leading environmental organizations, research institutes, and businesses to bring about mutually beneficial and transformative opportunities for students and partners alike.

Halloran Lab for Entrepreneurship​

The Halloran Lab will provide distinctive opportunities and experiences for understanding and applying the principles of entrepreneurship. The Lab will offer a comprehensive suite of training and practical opportunities aimed at preparing Colby students to be effective innovators and entrepreneurs—whether they are building dynamic new business ventures or improving existing organizations. The Halloran Lab will also establish the development of an internal entrepreneurship ecosystem involving Colby alumni, faculty, staff, and community members, as well as partnerships with companies, organizations, and institutions that will further its mission.