Summer EdGE Program Overview

Looking to learn more about Summer EdGE before diving into Omprakash? Learn more here!

The DavisConnects Summer EdGE program helps Colby students connect with social impact organizations around the world and engage in critical dialogue and reflection about the complexities of striving for justice while crossing differences of culture and power.

It is also designed to provide extra structure to independent summer experiences and help Colby students connect with mentors and peers with similar interests and areas of expertise.

  • Social impact internships (online or in-person)*  — the Summer EdGE program supports students as they browse and apply for internships across the Omprakash network. Students are not, however, required to complete an internship with an Omprakash Partner; it is also possible to intern with an organization outside of the Omprakash network or to undertake an independent study or project.
  • Online learning, mentorship, and community — all Summer EdGE participants will receive guidance and support from an EdGE Mentor and will engage in an EdGE online classroom (mostly asynchronous, with an optional Zoom component) to deepen their learning and reflection throughout the summer. This also makes it easy for your faculty sponsor (should you choose to register for credit) to track your academic progress throughout the program.
  • Digital storytelling to document your summer EdGE experience — each student will create a series of multimedia blog posts that eventually form a Digital Portfolio that they can share with faculty sponsors and others; students will present their work at a live Digital Symposium at the end of the program.
  • Peer-to-peer learning, optional webinars, and periodic discussion groups to support community-building and critical reflection.

*Not sure whether you’d prefer to travel or work remotely during Summer 2023? No problem! This program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your own schedule and preferences. We encourage you to register below to get started with browsing internship opportunities as soon as possible, but you won’t need to commit to anything until you feel comfortable doing so.