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Global Experiences

Engagement with global issues is integral to a Colby education.

It is important that students see “global,” not exclusively out there, but also right here—in the United States, in Waterville, on Mayflower Hill, and in each of us. To that extent, DavisConnects embraces a lively global culture on campus and welcomes a diverse student body, from first-generation college students to our international community. 

At DavisConnects, we want to ensure that each student also has access to a global experience outside of the typical on-campus academic curriculum, through engagement with international populations and issues. 

This might include a semester or year-long study abroad program, a short-term global experience such as a faculty-led global course in Jan Plan, a summer internship abroad, or a fall independent study with international communities in Lewiston, Maine, for example. We offer guidance and administrative support to help students participate in these programs, regardless of their personal connections or financial means. 

The office of Off-Campus Study (OCS), now integrated with DavisConnects, oversees the administration of all semester and year-long global (and some domestic) experiences and is committed to making a substantive off-campus study opportunity available to every eligible student.

Each year during Colby’s distinctive Jan Plan program, faculty across a range of academic departments and disciplines offer students the opportunity to participate in rigorous and engaging courses abroad. These short-term global experiences are great alternatives to a full semester away.

Faculty members are encouraged to think broadly and imaginatively about ways to bring Colby students into direct and meaningful contact with issues, perspectives, or cultural phenomena from around the world through research and/or civic engagement and service. Funding is available for faculty to develop global engagement courses offered to students throughout the year.

Through our partnership with the Omprakash organization— a global education nonprofit with Maine roots—we  connects students and faculty with two core resources: a global network of internship and research opportunities with over 230+ social impact organizations in 50+ countries, and a customizable online learning and mentorship platform called EdGE (Education for Global Engagement) focused on themes of global inequality, power, privilege, and identity.

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