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DavisConnects redefines the college career center.

DavisConnects is dedicated to your success—however you define it, on campus and off, before and after you graduate. To help you define and orient to your “true north,” our team focuses on three key priorities: We deliver transformative experiences, provide specialized advising, and foster world-class connections. This threefold commitment allows you to explore life-changing opportunities while you test and refine your interests. We’re committed to your successful launch into your field of choice…but our goals are even more ambitious! The ultimate outcome of the DavisConnects program is your lifelong capacity to determine your own distinctive path. 

Design your future with DavisConnects: Ready for now, ready for next.


Internships provide students with marketable skills, the chance to explore, and the opportunity to enhance their professional networks. With support and mentorship from DavisConnects, Colby students learn to identify and secure internships for Jan Plan, over the summer, or during the semester.

research opportunities

Research Opportunities

Research experiences provide students with the opportunity to apply academic ideas to real-world challenges, to create knowledge (rather than simply consuming it), and to explore academic research as a potential profession. The first step is identifying what research interests you.

Some students start college with clear ideas about what they want to study or even what they might do after graduation. Others are committed to exploration. At DavisConnects, we encourage students to stay open to discovery throughout their four years. Colby offers a remarkable array of opportunities that will help you continue to refine your ideas and goals regardless of where you start.

The information here will help maximize your chances for a successfully funded application. During each funding cycle, the application will only be live for a limited number of days.

Faculty from any Colby department or program are invited to submit proposals for developing new and/or revising innovative courses in an effort to support the development of creative and immersive global experiences.

Colby College supports students in their pursuit of domestic and international fellowships in a variety of ways. We aim to: 1) help students identify appropriate opportunities, 2) support students through application processes, and 3) work to integrate fellowships into Colby experiences and/or help students use these opportunities to enhance their post-Colby plans.

Allyson Hawkins, Assistant Director of Off-Campus Study, serves as a point of contact for students who want to learn more about these opportunities and provides support to applicants pursuing fellowships.

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The team at DavisConnects helps you envision your future no matter where you are starting on your journey.

Global Experiences

Gain access to life outside of the typical on-campus academic curriculum, through engagement with international populations and issues.

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