For students who are intellectually curious, enjoy solving complex problems, and who want to help others achieve their goals, consulting can be a very rewarding career path. Use this community to find resources, job market data, upcoming events and much more.

Consulting is a highly collaborative line of work, with consultants acting as an extension of their clients’ teams, tackling the strategic challenges that employees lack time to focus on because they are too busy running their business to take the long view. Consultants diagnose problems and propose solutions for organizations that may be under-performing or that need to de-risk their business decisions. Contrary to popular belief, entry-level consultants do not need to be subject matter experts to be effective. Instead, their value lies in their ability to apply different styles of thinking to solve client challenges and to learn new things quickly as consultants generally work on multiple projects across industries they may know little about.

Beyond management consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain & Co, and BCG, there are many specialty consulting practices that serve specific industries (e.g., law, government, healthcare, technology, and the environment) or focus on specific business issues (e.g. human capital management and brand strategy). Colby alumni can be found at many of the leading management and specialty consulting firms and, in many cases, form recruiting teams to help Colby students access opportunities at these firms.


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