Technology is ubiquitous. Working in tech no longer means working for a technology company. Almost all successful organizations now have technology-specific teams that grow, optimize, or underpin their businesses.

Working in technology is a great opportunity for students with a broad range of interests and talents. Many students enter the technology industry via software engineering following a computer science degree. However, all students with strong analytical skills and an interest in the industry should explore the opportunities available to them. Colby students have gone on to work in a variety of capacities at companies including Google, Microsoft, IBM, Meta, Amazon, Square, Tesla, Wayfair, Strava, Blue Origin, and many more.

Contrary to passé pop culture, technologists work in highly collaborative and communication-focused environments. Working in software does not mean being confined to a keyboard and monitor. In fact, many technology companies are often lauded for having best-in-class company culture and employee experience. Business decisions are increasingly driven by tech teams, and developers have more impact now than ever.

How This Former Nurse Recalibrated Her Skills to Pursue a Tech Career with Spectrum

Before starting her journey into the tech world, Grace Thompson’s career was on a very different path. For nearly two years, she worked in a pediatric emergency department, all while juggling the demands of nursing school, and then she spent …

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How This Software Engineer’s Love of Logic Helped Him Forge a Tech Career

Some high school students have a blindingly clear vision of their life after graduation, but in the case of Avtansh Pandey, his future wasn’t perfectly mapped out; however, his love of math and science guided him like a lighthouse in …

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What Companies Are in the Energy Field in 2024?

The energy field is massive, spanning renewable energy, nuclear power, and oil and gas. But, what companies are in the energy field? Many of the largest energy companies focus on oil and gas, though companies in solar power and electric …

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From Childhood Passion to PhD, How This Engineer Forged a Career In STEM

Many of us form childhood passions that follow us into adulthood. For some, these become hobbies, and for others, these passions form the basis of our careers. That’s exactly how it happened for Ranjita Bhagwan, a principal engineer at Google, …

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How This Tech Leader Is Challenging the Gaming Industry’s Gender Gap

Moonlit Beshimov’s fascination with tech and gaming can be traced back to the halcyon days of her San Francisco childhood. Growing up, she rallied her friends to play computer games. And by the time she entered college, Beshimov had a …

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