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Design Thinking: Implementing the Process

You, or someone in your management chain, thinks that design thinking is the answer to all your problems. Now it’s up to you to make it work at your company.

In this course, learn what’s involved in setting up a design thinking exercise to kick off a new project or subproject. Get tips for assembling your team, including how to determine who should be involved from across your organization. Discover what activities you need to perform to define the problem space, set goals, ideate on a solution, test that solution with a prototype, and then plan your implementation. Plus, learn about some of the common issues that can get in the way of a successful design thinking session, as well as the traps that people fall into when they do this for the first time.

Follow along with an example project as it goes through the design thinking process. Along the way, watch the development team use design thinking to turn new ideas into a testable concept and full-featured product.

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