Register for Internship Credit

Students have the opportunity to obtain transcript notation (the organization name will be listed right on the transcript) or notation plus one academic credit hour for internships conducted throughout the year (Fall, Jan Plan, Spring, Summer) up to a maximum of three credits toward the 128 credits required for graduation and in total if credits exceed 128.

You first need to find a Colby faculty member and ask them to be your sponsor. Your sponsor can be someone who is comfortable evaluating your internship experience, even outside of their discipline area. This decision is at the discretion of the faculty member.

The requirements are to complete 80 – 100 hours in the field (or remotely) plus maintain and submit some kind of reflective journal of your work there (the length, frequency, and content to be decided upon by your faculty sponsor). At the end of the internship, you would have your supervisor at the host organization email your faculty sponsor and let them know that you have successfully completed your hours.

If you would like one academic credit, you must do all of this plus submit some kind of final project such as a short paper or multimedia presentation (this is also to be determined with your faculty sponsor).

You must fill out a registration application for your faculty sponsor to approve first and then DavisConnects to approve second (the approval request is sent automatically via email). Once it is approved by both parties, the Registrar’s Office will be notified.

At this point, all further work and deadlines are handled between you and the faculty member like any other coursework. They will review your journal and evaluate your project (if any) and then submit a ‘grade’ (CR=credit). If you do not complete all requirements, you may receive a grade of NC (No Credit) on your transcript.

Your internship will appear as an ‘090’ course on your schedule. If you were approved for academic credit, the one credit will show there.


Jan Plan ’24Spring’24Summer ’24Fall ’23
Application Opens
The application becomes accessible online.
Application Closes
Deadline to submit the online application.
FY: 11/19/23

So, Jr, Sr:
Materials Due to Faculty
Deadline to submit your journal, final project, and letter of evaluation to your faculty sponsor.
Grades Due to Registrar
Deadline for faculty sponsors to award credit.
2/8/24Sr: 5/17/24; FY, So, Jr: 5/24/249/9/241/3/23
* This is the last date to both submit the application and to withdraw the internship. Those who receive funding may only withdraw if the internship falls through or due to extenuating circumstances. Otherwise, incomplete requirements will lead to a grade of NC on your transcript.

Independent Studies

If you are solely working on one specific methodology, gathering and analyzing data through fieldwork, then consider this a research opportunity and register it as an independent study (up to 4 credits during the semester and up to 3 credits during Jan Plan). Some internships involve conducting research but should be registered as an official internship, as detailed above, if the experience entails a broad set of responsibilities.

If your experience can best be described as an individual project in an area where you have demonstrated the interest and competence necessary for independent work, then register it as an independent study.