Two big October events for students in Finance:

  1.  ‘Paving the Road’ to a Future in Finance: October 10th in Boston REGISTER HERE 

100+ Alumni in Finance, 100+ Colby students in Finance – One day together at the Aloft Seaport Hotel. This event is open to ALL Colby students.

Investment banking vs Private Equity, Buy-side vs Sell-side, Alternative investments (PE, CRE, Sports, etc.), Mock Interviews, Networking with industry leaders, panel and table discussions, and more.

2.  Wall Street Prep, Oct 28-29 on campus – Financial & Valuation Modeling Workshop REGISTER HERE

This industry leading workshop will prepare you for the actual modeling you’ll do in many banking roles.

Please sign up for either or both today.


The financial service industry is a great destination for students with a wide range of skills and interests. Whether you prefer more social, client-facing roles or more analytical roles, there is a place for you under this big umbrella.

While many students are aware of investment banks and the most commonly pursued roles— in global markets (sales and trading), investment banking, corporate banking, and equity research—there are many other appealing financial services organizations and roles where liberal arts students enjoy success.

Doing Good in a For-Profit Context

Counter to expectations, it is possible to live your values while working in financial services. Increasingly, banks have CSR (corporate social responsibility) practices aimed at contributing to society through philanthropy, activism, or volunteerism. Typically, CSR focuses on environmental, philanthropic, ethical, and economic responsibility. Additionally, one of the fastest-growing areas of financial services is ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing, in which fund managers consider the ethical impact of companies that they choose to include within their ethical funds.

Role of Technology

In times of economic uncertainty, financial services institutions can be particularly stable employers.

How to Get an Investment Banking Internship

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Landing an investment banking internship can be complicated because there are so many variables to consider: How early should you apply? Where should you apply? What should you include in your application? To simplify this process, we’ve compiled a comprehensive …

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The Ultimate Guide to Student Leadership Programs (or Pre-Internships)

You might know that internships are a key part of your early career journey and can help you land a role. But there are actually some crucial career opportunities before that: pre-internships. Pre-internships, also known as student leadership programs, are …

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5 Automation Trends Impacting the Finance Industry and 10 Fintech Firms Driving Them

Finance firms, like many other firms, are increasingly using automation tools and programs to increase the speed and accuracy of their work processes. The reason why automation is so attractive is it helps employees to complete repetitive procedures more efficiently …

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AI in Finance & Banking: 11 Ways It’s Changing the Industry

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