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Resources to help you gain clarity about your driving strengths, interests, and values.

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Tools for Content Exploration

List of sites helpful for your exploration – (remember to work with an advisor if you have questions or need guidance!)

Hey! Are you looking for tools to help you explore different aspects and area of your career fields of …

By David Ding
David Ding Advisor for STEM Professions
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Jan Plan Options

Jan Plan is an exploratory term in January that gives students opportunities to choose among hundreds of
different academic experiences. It’s a time for focused study, for interning, or for conducting research. …

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Register for Internship Credit

Students have the opportunity to obtain transcript notation (the organization name will be listed right on the transcript) or notation plus one academic credit hour for internships conducted throughout the year (Fall, Jan Plan, Spring, Summer) up to a maximum …

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6 Ways to Stop Saying ‘I Don’t Know What Job I Want’

When people ask about your long-term career goals, do you think, “I don’t even know what job I want”? You’re not alone. Trying to plan your career — with so many industries, companies, and titles to choose from — can be overwhelming, …

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GoinGlobal – your portal into international Jobs!

GoinGlobal is the market leader in helping job seekers of all nationalities fast track their career explorations both at home and abroad. Created by country experts, GoinGlobal features worldwide job and internship resources.

To access GoinGlobal click here!

Spend less time …

By David Ding
David Ding Advisor for STEM Professions
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