F-1 Curricular Practical Training

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a temporary employment authorization for students maintaining valid F-1 visa status. CPT allows eligible students to take part in paid or unpaid off-campus experiential learning such as internships or practicums.

The internship or practicum must be an integral part of the student’s curriculum and directly related to the student’s declared major.

Students should meet with the International Visa Specialist / DSO Aura Moreno at the Pugh Center upon identifying training opportunities to discuss their eligibility for CPT.

Eligibility Requirements for Curricular Practical Training:

To qualify for CPT you must:

  • Be in valid F-1 visa status
  • Have been lawfully enrolled at Colby on a full-time basis for one academic year (i.e. two full consecutive semesters)
  • Have declared a major
  • Be enrolled/registered in a full-time course load for the semester following this internship
  • Receive 1 academic credit on their transcript for this internship
  • Must have a training or job offer that provides them with an experiential learning opportunity directly related to their major

To apply for CPT, students must first register their internship for academic credit and then complete the CPT application, including obtaining signatures from a faculty sponsor, their employer, and the registrar.

Please apply at least two weeks prior to the requested CPT start date.

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F-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Application

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